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Bee Suits for Kids Program

PCBA is pleased to have member Kenny Pearl, who begin the first Bee Suits for Kids Program in MA to help its members involve kids in beekeeping. As we all know, a bee suit is a must have item for beekeeping. We also know that bee suits are not cheap and that kids outgrow their clothes quickly. This is where the Bee Suits for Kids program comes in. The club has purchased several kid sized bee suits and is making them available, on loan, to members on a month to month basis. Here’s how it works:

  • To borrow a suit, call Kenny Pearl  at (781) 837-8881 or  email him at If you email him include a phone number. You can pick up the suit(s) at the Hanson Clubhouse at a monthly meeting or make arrangements for someone with a key to meet you there.
  • To return a suit(s), please remove the hood, wash the suit and bring it to a regularly scheduled monthly meeting or executive board meeting.
  • If your kids have suits that they have outgrown please consider donating them to the club to help us expand the program.

The kids are our future beekeepers and your club wants to do everything possible to help get them started at an early age and to help make beekeeping a family tradition.


Kenny Pearl pictured with the Honey Queen after being named MA Beekeeper of the Year, 2023, in large part due to his

lasting contributions in starting the Bee Suits for Kids program for PCBA, and mentoring other clubs to begin similar programs.  

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