Package Ordering Info!

Package ordering information for club members only is available on the club’s Yahoo Group  at the following Package Ordering Info link. You must be a Yahoo Group member with a Yahoo account and you will have to be logged in to your account to access it. Package Ordering Info 

Packages will be $95 this year. All come with marked queens. Package pickup is tentatively scheduled for Saturday, April 22, subject to change. Package pickup details will be posted separately when the time comes.

Do not wait until the last minute. If the 900 packages are not sold, the order will be cut back – and then you’re back to being on a sweep truck probably in June, and no one wants to be on that truck!!!

All the information you need to order your packages is in the above mentioned Yahoo Group link. Please read it carefully, follow the instructions and do not badger the club officers with package questions that are already answered in that document or this post. These individuals work very hard every year to bring us quality packages at the lowest possible price. So please, let’s all just color between the lines, follow the instructions and give them a break.

Worcester County Beekeepers Spring 2017 Conference

Saturday, March 4, 9:00 AM – 3:30PM, Quabbin Regional High School, Barre, MA

“The Worcester County Beekeepers Association is bringing two of the nations top apiary scientists together this March. Our goal is to give beekeepers a better understanding of what goes on in the depths of a honeybee colony so we can better manage those colonies and are able to respond to the environmental challenges we face. Dr. Tom Seeley (Cornell University) and Dr. Dennis vanEngelsdorp (University of Maryland) will present us with a full day of in-depth research knowledge, giving us the tools to better manage our bees. WCBA members are encouraged to attend this free conference and we invite members from other organizations to attend. This event is FREE for members, non-members pay $10 or may may join the WCBA for $15. Lunch will be provided in the cafeteria for $10, but must be pre-registered for (see form below). The day’s agenda is very intriguing and is tailored to meet the challenging times that we as beekeepers are facing. SAVE THE DATE—With plenty of room available in the auditorium for all interested, I look forward to seeing you at Quabbin High in Barre on Saturday, March 4!”
—Ken Warchol, Program Chairman


  • Dr. Tom Seeley, Cornell University
  • DR. Dennis VanEnglesdrop, University of Mayland

Registration is required for lunch. The registration form can be found at the bottom of page 4 of the Registration Information Link just below.

Registration Information-> WCBA Spring 2017 Conference

Map -> Quabbin Regional High School, Barre, MA

Wooden Ware Workshops

March 18 & March 26, 10:00 AM – 2:00 PM , Hanson Clubhouse

There will be Wooden Ware Workshops on Saturday March 18 & Sunday March 26 from 10:00 AM until 2:00 PM at the Hanson clubhouse for those who need help assembling frames or hive bodies. Please call John Phillips at (781) 293-2297. John and Harold need to know who is coming and when, so that they can plan accordingly. John will also give you details about what you need to bring.

Hanson Clubhouse ~ Map -> 228 High St Hanson, MA 02341