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Monthly Meeting

August 4, 2014 in Monthly Meeting by pcba-admin

Tuesday, August 12th, 6 pm – 9 pm at the Marshfield Fair Bee Barn


Potluck Dinner


Get Directions -> Marshfield Fair 140 Main St Marshfield, MA 02050

Executive Board Meeting

July 28, 2014 in Executive Board Meeting by pcba-admin

Tuesday, August 5th at 7 PM, Hanson Clubhouse

This is your club, this is your meeting. Join us, get involved, volunteer, and let your voice be heard!

All our welcome to discuss the Club’s business.

Get Directions -> 228 High St Hanson, MA 02341

Microscope Team Update

July 25, 2014 in QRI Updates by pcba-admin

Great News!

Recently, the PCBA Executive Board agreed to purchase a microscope for the Club to begin to identify Nosema spores. What is Nosema? Find out here:

Wikipedia -

U. C. Davis -

The Microscope Team is starting out using the protocols developed by Randy Oliver -

Here are the results of the first Group Inspection….


All of the ovals are spores! This bee was highly infected.

It is the hope of the Microscope Team to develop the technique as a potential service to PCBA, and maybe to other Clubs, so the beekeeper can decide based on real evidence as to whether to treat their hive with antibiotics, or not.



July 23, 2014 in Uncategorized by pcba-admin

Saturday, October 11, 2014, 8:30 AM – 5:00 PM

Knights of Columbus Hall, Kingston, MA.

Plymouth, Bristol, Barnstable, and Norfolk County clubs present an all-day conference

Dewey Caron


In the morning, Dewey Caron, Entomology Professor and author of “Honey  Bee Biology and Beekeeping” will speak about improving survival, working toward treatment-free beekeeping, and reading your hives and colony behavior.

Ross Conrad


In the afternoon, Ross Conrad, author of “Natural Beekeeping” and former President of VT Beekeepers Assoc. will speak about treatment-free beekeeping, overwintering in the Northeast, and Swarms (management, catching, etc).

Free admission (the clubs are splitting the cost).

Lunch arrangements TBA.

More details to follow……..

……and if you see Bruce Hamon, be sure to thank him for all his work on this!!


Get Directions -> Kingston Knights of Columbus

Monthly Meeting

July 14, 2014 in Monthly Meeting by pcba-admin

Wednesday, July 23rd, 7 pm – 9 pm at the Pembroke Community Center


Preparing for the Marshfield Fair

Q & A session focusing on replacing a Queen


Get Directions -> 128 Center St., Pembroke, MA, 02359

QRI Update

July 11, 2014 in QRI Updates by pcba-admin

Hi Folks,

Chuck Shea here. I hope your 4′th went well. Let’s talk QRI Queens.
Your New and Improved, Fabulous QRI Queens will be ready for their forever homes about the second or the third week in July, 2014.
This year’s models have a rounder, more Rubenesque exterior, plump and rounded in a pleasing and attractive way. Inside that body beats a heart and open circulatory system of a proven winner. These little honeys come with twin ovaries standard, each with more than 150 ovarioles filling out the bulk of their abdomen.
Your new QRI Queens can really put out. They’d rather lay eggs than eat,…and they’e always hungry. They’re little laying machines,…built for comfort AND speed!
It’s all about production this year,…ours,….and the Queen’s.
There will be only a limited number of Fabulous QRI Queens for the first delivery. There will be no “pre order” forms to fill out. You lay down your money, and you take one away. QRI Queens are for the benefit of the PCBA. There is a LOT of interest from outside of the club. If you don’t show up we may have to sell your Fabulous QRI Queen to the next person in line.
Be the first beekeeper on your block to park one of these babies in your hive.
AGAIN! There are no orders. I found that with orders, some people would, at the last minute, “postpone” picking up their QRI Queen on the appointed day. We’d be STUCK with a Queen, that was ready to go, and we’d have to SACRIFICE A VIRGIN BECAUSE SHE HAD NO AVAILABLE NUC TO GO IN TO!!!
First come,…first served. Like the deli counter. When we run out of capocollo, try the mortadella.
You show up at the appointed time (or earlier to make sure you’re in. Take a coffee.) on the appointed day.
You find that you’re #5 in order (four people showed up before you).
If we have twelve queens, then,…you get yours,…and give me a check made out to PCBA.
If you show up and you’re #15,…then hang around,…have some fun,…and come earlier for the next delivery. You’re not getting your Fabulous QRI Queen that day.
This assures the QRI that all the Fabulous QRI Queens will be gone, and the nucs are empty and available for the new Virgins.
Only PCBA members can pick up for the first hour or so.  We cage these Queens on the day of the pick up. You may have to wait around until we cage yours. Anyone with a check can have any remaining QRI Queen after that first hour. When they’re gone,…they’re gone!

Thank you for your support.

Chuck Shea, for the QRI