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Package Ordering Information

    Package ordering starts on February 9 for Bee School students, February 24 for members and March 10 for non-members. Packages will be $130.00 this year for 2023 Bee School Students and Continuing Members as defined in the Bee Package Policy & Schedule document. The price is $155.00 for all others.

    Bee School students are guaranteed at least 2 packages when ordering from February 9 through March 9. After that date, all ordering will be on a first come, first serve basis.

    Payment for packages is by check or money order with a credit card option to be announced. All come with marked queens. Package pickup is estimated to be scheduled for a late April Saturday. The exact Saturday is contingent upon the vagaries of Georgia weather. Package pickup details will be posted separately when the time comes.

    Orders that contain a check for the wrong amount or that are post marked prior to the start date of ordering will not be processed. Valid orders will be processed on a “first come, first serve” basis until the number of packages ordered from the distributor is reached. Instructions for ordering packages by mail can be found in the Bee Package Policy & Schedule document. Click or tap HERE to access the document.