Monthly Meeting – July

Wednesday, July 24, 7:00 PM – 9:00 PM

Marshfield Fair Overview – The fair is the club’s signature event. Bonnie has been hard at work getting ready for it since this spring. She will discuss the various moving parts and logistics that we, as club members, can get involved with to help her make it happen. A schedule of the events leading up to the fair is available by clicking here.

Marshfield Fair Honey Sales & Competition Q&A – Kenny Pearl will arrive early, at 6:30 PM and will have the seller ID paperwork and tags that are needed to sell honey at the fair. Kenny will also answer questions about selling honey through the club’s venue and about entering the honey and bee related competitions at the Marshfield Fair.

In order to sell honey at the fair you must procure BOTH a Seller ID from Kenny Pearl, which must be obtained PRIOR to the day of the Honey Intake event and a Marshfield Fair Exhibitor ID, which can be obtained from a Honey Intake volunteer at the Honey Intake event. The Seller IDs are used to track honey sales and the Exhibitor ID is required by the Marshfield Fair because an entry of honey, a frame of honey or wax in the Marshfield Fair Honey Exhibit and Competition is a required in order to sell honey.

These are two completely separate items that must both be obtained as a condition of selling honey at the fair.

When you obtain the Seller ID, rules document and inventory sheet from Kenny Pearl you must also purchase 1 “tag” for each jar of honey that you wish to sell. Do not write on the tag. They are intentionally generic.

The Seller ID, rules document, inventory sheet and tags can be obtained from Kenny at either the July monthly meeting or the August Potluck Supper at the fairgrounds. If you cannot attend either of these events you must contact Kenny and make arrangements to pick up these items from him in person prior to the day of the Honey Intake event. Kenny can be reached at either or (339) 832-9239.

All of this will be explained in great detail at this monthly meeting. 

There will also be a general Ask the Beekeeper session for anyone looking to gain information or share experiences.

Hanson Clubhouse ~ Map -> 228 High St Hanson, MA 02341