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About Us

Welcome to the Plymouth County Beekeepers Association!

About us – Beekeepers Helping Beekeepers

The Plymouth County Beekeepers Association (the “PCBA”), is a non-profit organization established in 1977. We are dedicated to the support of local agriculture and to educating the public about beekeeping through our school and participation in local fairs and festivals.

PCBA focuses on education, agriculture, and stewardship through many of the public outreach programs the club participates in and provides throughout the year. We have members who speak at schools, community centers, and professional meetings.

PCBA participates annually in the Marshfield Fair which is held in August. At the fair, the club has an entire barn filled with everything you would ever want to About Us 2know about modern beekeeping. In addition, there are honey and candle sales, various fair run competitions, and a demonstration hive set up right outside. Here, club members show fair-goers what a Langstroth hive looks like, and how bees live and work within the hive.

About Us 3Membership to the club comes with several benefits. Mentoring is a key component to successful beekeeping for the beginner. The club has mentors throughout the county to help install, inspect, or provide support for any situation that may come up. Attending monthly meetings, workshops, continuing education and the bee school are also added benefits of membership. In addition to taking advantage of a broad spectrum of experience and knowledge, membership also carries with it discounts on glassware and bee orders. 

The Plymouth County Beekeepers Association has been granted 501(c)(3) status. We are a non-profit 024_1educational organization dedicated to the support of local apiculture & agriculture. Our primary goals are to further the art & science of beekeeping, the mutual support & education of our members, to inform & educate the public about beekeeping through our participation in local fairs & festivals, our “Beekeeping School for Beginners” and presentations given by our members to local & regional schools, community groups & organizations.


Several members put in a lot of time and energy to make this happen so that we are a state and federally recognized organization, capable of applying for public and private grants, accepting charitable donations to the PCBA are tax deductible, and we have a formal structure where the needs of the organization are put before the individual.