2022 Marshfield Fair

Friday, August 19, Noon – Sunday, August 28, 10 PM at the Bee Barn.

The Marshfield Fair is the club’s signature public outreach event. Club members can help educate the general public about honey bees, compete for prizes in a variety of categories, sell honey and other bee-related products and participate in demonstrations. A huge amount of planning, logistics and hard work make it happen every year because of the leadership of Bonnie and the hard work of all of the people that pitch in to help. Thank you all.

Parking for volunteers during the fair is not at Gate A like the other events. You enter at the Paid Parking Gate across from the Fire Station on South River St. Proceed past all the Ag barns until you arrive at a sort of fork in the road where you go left. If they try to get you to go to the right and park way in the back explain that you are a Plymouth County Beekeepers Association volunteer and that you need to go to the left to park. At that point as you bear to the left is where you should surrender your parking pass.

After the Fair is over, the cleanup of the barn will be on Monday, Aug. 29 from 4:30 PM to 6:00 PM. Any honey not sold must be picked up at this time. Nothing can be taken from the barn until the Fair closes at 10:00 PM on Sunday the 28th.

A schedule of the events leading up to and including the Fair is available HERE.



Marshfield Fair Grounds ~ Map -> Marshfield Fair Paid Parking Gate